XDREAM,X-Cell 2000mAh Power Bank For Smartphone

Specifications 2000mAh Lithium ion Battery Capacity Built-in identification chip, power input&output throuhgt 1 USB port 9mm thickness only  X-POWER XS is a newest smart mobile power bank with very small size, light weight and ultra slim, especially it has a nifty little clip so you can attach it to your jacket or skirt while you talk and charge your phone. It also adopted the latest charging management system, its charging efficiency can be 20% higher than the normal power banks. Elected fashion colors to match the original Aluminum color, trendy and faddish. Adopted IPOD's high-end Aluminum oxidizing technology, nobel quality, good heat dispersion, more durable to use. X-POWER XS is the perfect partner of high-end smart phones.               Color Option       Packaging       Self-owned Brand "XDREAM"    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DECLARATIONFamous Works Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (“Famousworks”) BRANDXDREAM and all X Series products’ logo are trademarks of Famousworks in USA and China. Till now Famousworks never authorized any distributor or agent to use XDREAM and/or its products’ trademarks for promotion and sale purposes on Alibaba.All sellers who are using XDREAM and/or its products’ trademark on Alibaba are all involved infringement. Famousworks preserves the right to pursue claims. PatentFamousworks products X-Vibe, X-Cube, X-Pad, X-Cell, X-Sticker, and X-Pyramid are patented in China. Since Nov. 16th, 2012 we have secured the registration of China Customs intellectual property protection and Shanghai Dong Jin Law Firm are entrusted to handle all patent infringement issues.

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